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By January 30, 2020February 18th, 2022No Comments

Our mission at TECHSPO 2020 is to educate the NJ school administrators on how to effectively combat cyber threats and eliminate cyber risks.

  • We’re educating school administrators on effective technologies to combat cyber threats.
  • Getting NJ schools the tools to their IT staff in order to prevent ransomware and dangerous cyber crimes.
  • Sharing security awareness tips and trade secrets to address vulnerabilities before they’re too late to stop.
Ha'seeb Shaida

Haseeb is an underground talent behind the curtains of many successful technologies, products and marketing campaigns. He works closely with leading experts in the field of computer security, cybersecurity or information technology security to portray the visual standards and trends of the industry. Ha'seeb is also the founder of JoltFire LLC, a creative and branding firm that helps businesses through the use of his meticulously crafted UX and CX design experiences, greatly increase their overall sales and web presence.