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Your Cyber. Our Passion.

Prepare for today's cyber threats and risks

Digital Team Six, is the leading Cybersecurity solutions provider for local government, K12, higher-education agencies, startups, and non-profit organizations.

Cybersecurity issues are becoming a day-to-day struggle for organizations.

State, local government, K12, higher education, startups, and non-profit organizations are increasingly prone to cyber-attacks but remain resource constrained in improving cybersecurity posture. Recent trends have shown majority of these attacks are caused by porous networks, outdated infrastructure, and unsuspecting users.

To protect, recover and rebuild against cyber incidents, Digital Team Six has successfully implemented its Managed Security Services Provider ++ (MSSP++) and Culper-i solutions at numerous organizations.

Organizations are unprotected

Hacks and breached data are increasingly common in the workplace, governments and schools due to poor security integrations and practices.


the average cost per record stolen


of malicious email attachments are office files.


of malware was delivered by email.

Be Prepared!

Take the next move before the data breach happens.
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Our Core Offerings

We transform your cyber security to align with business objectives by adopting the “crawl-walk-run” approach and constantly adjusting to the timeframes and budgetary constraints.

Featured Managed PKI Lifecycle Solution

PKI Lifecycle Management Platform

Digital Team Six's QVULT is the industry leading PKI-as-a-Service for speed, automation, security, reliability and flexibility for any size business.

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Featured Managed Cybersecurity Solution

Industrial Control Systems Security

Culper-i is the managed Cybersecurity solution for critical industrial control systems, tailored for water and wastewater systems and operators.

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Managed Coverage

Security Operations Center

24×7 dedicated security organized to prevent, detect, assess and respond to cybersecurity threats and incidents

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Regulations & Compliance

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Security training and enablement program that reduces risk by having employees make informed choices

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Strategic Advisory

Cyber Insurance Preparation

Achieve compliance requirements for cybersecurity insurance contractual obligations to reduce premiums

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Recover and Rebuild

Business Continuity Solutions

Task force to respond to malicious attacks to recover from security incidents, remediate and enhance security controls


Endpoint & Network Securities

Enable unified securities with an interactive view of cybersecurity built from deeper investigations for attack surface reduction

Business Optimizations

Remote & On-Prem Digital Transformation

Accelerate digital transformation on the fastest course to meeting business process change and developed reputation

Maintenance & Support

Managed IT & HelpDesk Services

Our white-glove IT solutions fit your business needs paired with granular policies for optimal IT hygiene

Scalable Growth

Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

Our team develop and deploy turnkey solutions and work with leading cloud native technology solutions

Installations & Support

VoIP Communication Services

VoIP phone system installation, support, and management for systems, infrastructure, cloud, and end-user devices

New Jersey's MSSP for Local Government, SLED and Businesses

The Digital Experts

Recognized as a trusted public sector specialist in cybersecurity solutions.

Digital Team Six, is the leading security solutions technology partner for public sectors, academic institutes, start-ups & non-profits. We strive to make the world a more secure place every day with our premier solutions.

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Your Allied Partner

We serve as your tactical adviser for strategy, installations, and negotiations regarding digital, technology, and cybersecurity integrations. We offer a full range of IT support and Cybersecurity solutions. Digital Team Six is your one stop shop for all your IT and Cyber needs.

Tactical Problem Solvers

New cyber threats emerge every day. We recognize the reality of the threat landscape and technology issues. We are proactively searching and adapting to find the right solutions and optimizations for our customers, no matter the hurdles. Your Cyber, Our Passion.

Established Relationships

We've built relationships on a global scale beyond just vendors. We are connected to industry-leading experts in government, fortune 500, and technology innovators in order to translate success for our clients.

Open Communications

Our team opens communication directly to your team. You get to speak with real people because everyone is accessible at the touch of a button.

Approach cyber and digital with our team in your corner.