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Cybersecurity for Industrial Control Systems

Digital Team Six's Culper-i is the managed Cybersecurity solution for critical industrial control systems, tailored for water and wastewater systems and operators.

Concerned about an incident?

Need to cover all your bases? Discover managed security operations.

Modular Capabilities

Certified | Compliant | Managed

On-demand Assessments

Iterative assessment of industry specific operations technology and cybersecurity controls

Access Management

Efficient access controls meeting operator, security and compliance requirements

Incident Management

Purpose built managed security operations center for industrial control systems

Network Management

Resilient industrial control systems network architecture, setup and maintenance

Industry Use Cases

Purpose built Cybersecurity solutions specific to water and wastewater operations technology

Water management

Cybersecurity threats have the potential to disable or contaminate the delivery of drinking water
Increasing Cybersecurity regulatory requirements from WQAA, AWAA and EPA

Waste management

Cybersecurity threats have the potential to upset treatment and conveyance processes
Incident reporting requirements and mandates from CISA and EPA

Cybersecurity Framework

Controls Architecture and Operations Technology Characteristics


Security Objectives

On-demand and/or scheduled ability to perform scans when any changes are identified or to meet audit/compliance requirements. Non-intrusive asset and vulnerability scan taking into consideration legacy and sensitive ICS infrastructure and network.

  • Integration – Log collections, custom protocols, API integration specific to SCADA/DCS vendor and PLC manufacturer
  • Intelligence – Specific to control system types, functional and manufacturer
  • Industry – Industry-specific compliance, regulatory and functional characteristics

Ongoing Managed Tasks

Dedicated security operations center management meeting unique ICS topology and management. Adaptive security events and incident management technologies developed specifically for ICS systems.

  • Interpretation – Correlation, identifying pattern deviation, format mapping
  • Investigation – Security monitoring (end user, device, network, hardware, and software)
  • Response – Technical, personnel, and management response from an investigation

Kiosk mode access control management

We guide your staff through the requirements for network segregation and continuous network monitoring to maintain network integrity. User and logical access controls to meet restrictive network access configuration to regulate high-security conditions.

  • Technology – Network segmentation, virtualization & cloud components, secure access (AD and remote access), system and log data historian, backups, HMI workstations, servers
  • Policies – Configuration of hardware & software patching, credential management, MFA, whitelisting, firewall rules, backups
  • Reporting – Configuration of alerting, setting up of thresholds

Experience Culper-i

Request a demo

Request a demo
During your demo, we'll cover the following:
  • Explore your existing security objectives
  • Demo Culper-i modular capabilities
  • Review your organization’s security goals
  • Discuss the framework and implementation
  • Address your questions about our solution