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Cybersecurity training and awareness curriculum

Digital Team Six provides end-user-focused security education and training to influence the security behaviors of employees, consultants, and consumers.

Concerned about an incident?

Need to cover all your bases? Discover managed security operations.

Comprehensive security awareness

Eliminate your cybersecurity risks and enable best practices
Run Quality Phishing Simulations

Users will identify (or fall for) Simulated Phishing Events designed to replicate Cyber Criminal Attacks

Create Highly Customized Spoofs

The highest level of difficulty, recreate almost any scenario to socially engineer your own population with known situations

Training Activities

Test users’ ability to understand safe cyber practices to avoid unnecessary risks and issues

Dark Web Hygiene

Measure Users’ ability to respond to and remediate password compromises


Assets and Cyber Risks

Security awareness training needs to be made relevant and memorable. Despite the extensive digitization of organizations and society at large, most employees still struggle with the fundamental basics.

  • Train your employees on the most critical Cyber topics
  • Establish a culture of Cyber Awareness
  • Challenge your employees with real-world situations

Ongoing simplified training

We differentiate by providing tailored cybersecurity awareness training to industry, and regulatory standards and to meet Cybersecurity insurance requirements.

  • Adaptive short frequent training modules
  • Include your industry policies and procedures
  • Industry-specific compliance modules

Relevant Topics from based on your priorities 

We guide your staff through the most globally risk-relevant awareness topics by selecting the resources that matter most to your business’s overall security and cyber health.

  • Train your employees on the most critical security topics
  • #1 Risk point for up to the minute security awareness
  • Automated user management and curriculum updates

Reporting Cyber Risk and Damages 

Organizations need to focus not just on providing information but on making it actionable and fostering a culture of security. Only then can long-lasting changes be made that can reduce risk by having employees make informed choices.

  • Measures performance results
  • Automatically receive overview reports
  • Actionable Cyber Risk Rating reports

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Request a demo
During your demo, we'll cover the following:
  • Explore your existing awareness program
  • Demo Team Six training in action
  • Introduce the threat monitoring systems
  • Share compromised employee credential’s statistics
  • Address your questions about our solution