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Fortify academic freedom while stopping cyber threats and cyber bullying to create a safe learning environment.

If you're ready to ditch the dated cyber detection paradigm, we have the solution for your school.

Student Safety & Self-Harm Detection

Possibly prevent tragic events based on our ‘flags’ about students’ online activity by meticulously analyzing their search patterns.

Safe Web Search & Content Filters

Cloud-native web filtering and online activity monitoring helps you ensure student and staff safety at all times

Stop Internet Threats & Risks

Students, staff, and devices are protected from cyberthreats by stopping threats at the DNS-layer

G-Suite Compatibile Cloud-based Portal

Allows you to manage policies and configurations for your students, staff, devices, and networks

Get E-rate funding and Cybersecurity by Regulating Federal Compliance

Take advantage of E-rate funding provided by the United States. Purchase our Digital Team Six premier cybersecurity solutions to establish a zero trust architecture and preventative security in your schools, districts and libraries.

Schools and districts worldwide trust Digital Team Six to protect their students, staff and networks from inappropriate content material, protecting their endpoints and securing their sensitive data.

Access a Platform with Google Integration to Ensure Student Safety and Success

The cloud-based platform provides protection to students at school, in the classroom and even at home while also providing a trouble-free Internet experience in your school network.

Low management overhead as school IT staff can manage all the cloud solutions from a centralized platform. On-premise security costs more than us while offering less due to legacy technology.


Stop Online Threats that Impact your Reputation, Environment, and Students

Safeguard your students while simplifying security management.  Our cybersecurity solutions give real-time insights with consistent traffic and threat visibility across your network, students, staff and devices.

  • Protect devices on your network and the visitors on wifi guest
  • Whitelist or Blacklist Unsafe Online Content and Sites
  • Location Finder will allow you track your Chromebooks and devices
  • Google Integration to Easily Import your Organizational Units
  • Apply Blocks to Staff, Students and Guests via Policies on OUs
  • Enforce CIPA, COPPA, FERPA Compliances and Regulations

We're Changing the Game by Offering Protection, Not Obstruction of Freedom

“Digital Team Six got us a great deal on both the cyber security packages we needed for our network. Working with Joe and Lenny was a delight as they were thorough and followed up with all of our questions to ensure the solution worked. Having a centralized platform to manage so many operational functions has freed up time for our school to do projects on the IT backburner. Thank you DTS!”

Kara L.Network Administrator

“Digital Team Six gave us the platform that stopped all our unwanted email and spam problems. We can stop ordering new Chromebooks and just find our inventory in minutes. Thanks Joe!”

Alex C.IT Administrator

“When IT gave us access to this platform, I thought "another gizmo that I don't need to remember". I hate admitting I was wrong but once I enabled the flag settings, I noticed I could get select students to start participating in class more often. Understanding the content they used to go to makes a lot easier to give them classroom content that fit their style. Thank you for giving teachers this platform to make student's success a breeze for us.”

Jake S.Teacher
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